Who We Are

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The Team

Tengoku Aburiya is the latest concept by Chef Sangtae Park and partner Kate Park. The duo owns and operates the sister restaurant Omakase Yume. Chef Sangtae is a Michelin One-Starred chef and helped inspire the Tengoku Aburiya vision with head chef Gil Hoon Bang. Chef Gil Hoon has been working in the restaurant industry for 20+ years and has a passion for Japanese-style dining. With a great team and support system behind Chef Sangtae, Kate Park and Head Chef Gil Hoon Bang, they are ready to bring this Japanese gastropub experience to the city of Chicago.

What is Tengoku Aburiya?

Tengoku Aburiya is a place of comfort without sacrificing quality and flavor. Tengoku roughly translates to "heaven" and Aburiya translates to grill. In short, Tengoku Aburiya is our grill heaven. Chef Sangtae and Chef Gil Hoon have come together to deliver some of their favorite Japanese comfort foods from binchotan yakitori to udon noodles. The duo have picked out a number of Japanese beers and sake to enjoy as well as small Izakaya style dishes to taste. We aim to create a casual, neighborhood atmosphere with the unique flavors of Japan with the decor of an Izakaya. All are welcome to come in, grab a bite to eat and drink, and enjoy this Tengoku with us!

Fried Snapper